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  • P.O.Box 59849 Chicago, IL 60659 USA
  • (312) 715-8270

BAC Guidelines

  • Publication Guidelines
Bangladesh Association of Chicagoland

Articles / Blog Guidelines

BAC is a Non-Profit Organization to keep Bangladesh Culture and Heritage strong and ongoing. We have responsibilities to share our knowledge/expertise in the area of Science, Arts, Economy, Social Affairs and History etc.

In order to publish an article in BAC website or facebook an article must not be more than 500 words long, if more than one page long will not be posted. Article must have the name of the Author, City, Date (a photo - headshot is optional). Article (s) must be within the area of Science, Arts, Economy, Social Affairs, and History (excluding Politics and Religions topics).

Following are the Guidelines for posting Articles that:

  • Divide the community or create debates, chats, conflicts or confusions among the community members will not be posted.
  • Does not carry any meaningful information or will not benefit the community at large will not be posted.
  • Defame in any individual, group, nation, religions, gender and race will not be posted.
  • Promote any political party in anywhere in the world will not be posted.
  • Conflict the BAC Constitutions and By-Laws will not be posted.
  • Contains jokes and/or adult contents will not be posted.
  • Criticizes without any suggestions will not be posted.
  • Are on the same subject will be posted only once.
  • Any Article or request to add any resources to the BAC website must be approved by the Board.
  • Please send your article written in MS Word format (provided those above guidelines are met) and email to: it@bacillinois.org
    Bangladesh Association of Chicagoland

    Sponsorship Guidelines

    BAC does not sponsor any Group, Individual, Political, Religious activities nor any events of an Association regardless Profit or Non-profit entities via website or social networking including flyers/banners etc. In order to raise fund BAC may only sponsor business organization (via Website, Facebook, Magazines or Flyers) in exchange of paid fee consideration set by Board.